The Start of Something

The Start of Something

I've been living in a new location for almost a year now. While this house is old and creepy, I've never experienced anything out of the ordinary other than an unexplained smell of rotten-eggs. Never seen anything, never heard anything otherwise...that is until you make your way to the spare-bedroom.

The spare-bedroom has been used as storage for an ex-girlfriends belongings up until she had moved out recently.

While she was here there wasn't much to notice in that room besides the constant feeling of being watched and that heavy emotional feeling that one often-associates with paranormal occurrences.

Once the ex moved out I had lived by myself for a month with no occurrences to make note of, Just the feeling of being watched while in there. At the beginning of May, this year my uncle had moved in. Queue the start of something.

He had moved in some of his belongings into the spare-room(dresser, TV, personal-belongings, trophies, and a football still in its cardboard box). Now Steve(my uncle)is a have to see it to believe it type as am I to an extent.

Understandable so with so many different paranormal-related seemingly impossible stories that are too far-fetched to believe. His perspective is the opposite after what he witnessed last night.

I'm at work when these occurrences happen which makes me think it likes to tease him. We did catch something last night together which I'll explain later.

The paranormal  occurrence: The spare-room is adjacent to my bedroom. About 4 feet of hallway separate the doors to each room. My computer is against the wall nearest the door. Turning your head to the right you'll see the spare-room door and the crack below the door.

Whilst at the computer a few nights now, Uncle Steve has claimed to see shadows under the crack of the spare-room door. Kind of like someone walking back and forth in the room.

He says that he can see the shadows with the lights both on and off. Usually he heads downstairs once he sees them.I know the nights that an occurrence has taken place because I'll see all the lights on in the house as I'm pulling in the driveway.

He gets creeped out easily. Understandable. However, last night something new happened. Sometime during the night, Steve sat downstairs watching TV when he hears a thump. Not sure what and where it came from he begun to investigate.

Checking the bath-tub...thinking maybe a bottle had fallen in. To his surprise, nothing in there. He then checks my bedroom. Nothing out of the ordinary in there. Reluctantly, he opens the door to the spare-room, reaches his arm around the door and flips on the light.

Nothing out of the ordinary here either Except his autographed football that rests on his dresser was now laying on the floor.

Now we had ruled out a breeze knocking the football off. If a breeze did come through the open window it would had pushed the football back against dresser against the wall not the complete opposite.

The crazy part is that in front of the football directly is a few nic-nacs(pliers, a screwdriver, a small box) These we touching the football before it was thrown to the ground.

None of these things were disturbed from their original-position upon finding the ball laying on the floor...meaning that whatever it was, picked up the ball over top the rest of the stuff on the dresser and dropped it.

There is no logical explanation. Once I got home from work we investigated further.

While in that room we both out of the corner of our eyes seen a small, white, rectangle like shape fly from out of the room through the door-way. We both acknowledged that we seen the same thing. We also recorded about 22 minutes of video with my digital-camera. I'm still yet to go through the entire thing.

I'll be sure to keep everyone updated though with any findings or further occurrences.

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