Someone Opened Our Door

Someone Opened Our Door

I lived in this small reserve with my late husband where we both worked for the band council. I was a homemaker and he was a drug and alcohol counselor.

That day we had just finished our supper and he was relaxing watching the television and I had lain down to read a book. We both heard someone come in the back door and closed it.

We asked at the same time "whose there?" no answer so he got up and I came down from the bedroom and we both looked in the kitchen, nobody there. So we looked out side to see and nobody around.

We checked the front door, again no one around. This time we both sat in the living room after we locked the back door securely.

Then...we heard it again ,someone coming in the back door, you guessed it no one there, so we just said: "who ever is there ,welcome to our house,sit down and have some tea" after that the incident never happened again, but he told me that one of his players which he coached part time, on the softball team was very upset because his girlfriend had ditched him.

I told my husband maybe it was his ghost that came to visit. he said no, he was visiting some friends ,but he seemed OK when I left earlier he said.I told my husband that it could be him. I am not usually wrong in my feelings.

Then I told him ,"honey ,please answer the phone" he said "it's not ringing ,you've gone crazy?" I told him ,"it will ring" before he answered me, the phone rang. he said"how did you know?"

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