Curse of the Bonham House

Curse of the Bonham House

Unfortunately most of the evidence I had collected while living in the Bonham house was destroyed when lightening struck the house back in 2007. Still though it left the effects of it's curse alive in my memories to this day. We had the house torn down in 2009 but still own the lot. 

It all started in 2000, We had moved from Rockwall, Tx to Bonham, Tx into a house my father had just purchased so I could make repairs to the place as well as to the house they owned and lived in, in Bailey. 

It was an older place, built in the 20's. A one story 3 bedroom with 10ft ceilings. At first it seemed fine but within a couple of weeks we began to see it was anything but a normal house to say the least.

I guess the first thing we experienced was hearing dishes being done in the kitchen after everyone had gone to bed.

Thing is though when I'd go to see who was in the kitchen there was no one there and not a dish one done. (You'd figure if a ghost was going to make the sounds of cleaning the kitchen it would actually do so, haha), But no nothing.

Then I noticed the kids were refusing to sleep in their rooms. I'd wake up and get ready for work to find them all huddled up on a pallet on the living room floor. I'd ask them why they wouldn't sleep in their room and they would say it was too scary in there.

Asking them what was so scary, they would reply the bed kept shaking and would pick up off the floor and drop. Honestly I figured it was a new house to them and it was probably their imagination. (Yea right I know).

Well, as time went on, other occurrences were starting to happen. I'd be in my bedroom working on the computer writing poetry for one of my books and such, then suddenly I'd hear a child throwing a fit in the next room.

So I'd go to find out what the deal was and to my surprise none of the kids were in there. I'd go into the living room and ask them what all that ruckus was about and they would look at me puzzled and say dad we've been in here.

Then at another time, later me and my ex would be in the bedroom with the kids and all of us would hear the fit throwing going on in the next room. Again nothing there. 

One weekend my sister in law at the time came over with her young boy, he was three I believe at the time to stay for the weekend. That night they went to sleep in the kids room, (not like the kids were using it anyways) and the next morning she suddenly had to leave and never returned.

We called after a few weeks to find out what was up and she told us that the night they stayed, her boy kept talking to the curtain leading to a back room. She asked him who he was talking to and he said the witch behind the curtain.

Well figuring it was his imagination she turned out the light and decided to go to sleep.

But then she said, though she couldn't make out what was being said she suddenly heard a whisper coming through the curtain she looked up and saw a shadow of a person behind it! Knowing no one should be in there she yanked the curtain open only to find an empty room!

Said it scared the hell out of her and refused to step back into the house again. (What's funny is at the time she claimed to be a ghost hunter too.) 

One night I came in to the bedroom to crash, crawled into bed and closed my eyes to go to sleep. And suddenly I felt something hovering right above me? I tried to open my eyes but couldn't. Tried to move and couldn't; tried to speak and couldn't! It was as if I was petrified by fear.

Finally I thought bull on this! used all of my energy and broke loose from it's hold. Raised up and looked around but nothing was there. (Sleep paralysis right? Don't be so sure read on)... 

I began taking photos in the house and trying to look up the history on the place. I did capture some photographic evidence but as I said earlier lightening struck the house and knocked out the computer, I had it saved on at the time as well as several other appliances. 

During this time my first wife and I began having a lot of problems. We would argue over the stupidest stuff and suddenly my jobs contract ran out and i found myself unemployed which just added fuel to the flames. Finally we moved and for a few years everything got better. 

Then tragedy struck and my mother came down with lung cancer. So again we moved back to help care for her during the last 6 months of her life. Well when she passed, our financial resources had run out and once again we found ourselves living at the Bonham house.

Several renters had lived there in the mean time and the place was torn up all to hell. All the work I'd done was needing done again and then some.

I was working for a lighting company now and was traveling across Texas to different shopping malls doing repairs to Arden B and Wet seal clothing stores. I drove in for the weekend (glad to be home) and later that night headed into bed.

We had the bedroom set up differently now, with the bed on the other side of room. after that experience a couple of years earlier I didn't want to sleep in the same spot as before. (No joke huh? lol). 

At any rate I got into bed and turned on the TV to watch a program and relax for a bit before going to sleep. As I was watching, A black mist came through the wall right in front of me over where the bed use to be! (I told you to read on remember?) I remember thinking "OK this is different" and watched it float over to the middle of the room, hover; then change directions and float through another wall into the back yard. 

I would post a picture of a demon I caught but for some reason the add image function isn't working.

Well of course everything was starting again. My ex was cooking supper one night and a pan of hot grease flew across the kitchen at her and landed in the middle of the floor. About 3' from the stove. 2 other times her hair brush was thrown at her in the bedroom from the dresser across the room when no one else was there but her. 

It wasn't too long before the arguing resumed between us and this time we wound up splitting for good. Again my job ran out and I found myself unemployed. My oldest decided to stay with me there at the Bonham house and my younger 2 went with their mother to a house across town. 

One night I was in the bedroom working on the computer, my daughter had gone to stay the night with a friend. It was about 1:30 in the morning, when suddenly I heard a man clearing his throat in my closet!

I tell you I jumped up ready to whoop some butt, yanked that closet door open and nothing! Ugh I sat down and said OK spook cut the crap I'm tired of this stuff! then i watched a box of books flip up in the air by itself and land upside down in the floor.

I got up, scratched my head and said "huh must have pissed you off pretty good." Chuckled and went back to my work on the computer. 

The next day I had gotten dressed and went to head out of the room to start my day. As I went to open the door it pushed back against me closed. I pushed on it trying to open it and it pushed harder closed.

Now ticked, I thrust hard against the door with my shoulder and though it took some force pushed my way through. Oh I was so pissed, came out with fist clinched ready to fight! But nope was no one in the house and the front door was still locked. 

A few nights later my daughter and I were in the bedroom talking to a friend on the phone and suddenly the bedroom door slammed closed right in front of us! I jumped up, told her to stay there and went quickly to see who was in the house? But no one as usual. 

By this time the apartment complex I work for now had a unit open up and with it being cheaper to live in and no 20 mile trip to work, I moved me and my daughter here to Honey Grove. After we moved others tried living there but it seemed everyone that lived in that house just went down hill.

Either financially or their relationships would fall apart, it was always something. Well the last renters in there were into drugs and had used the house for a drug lab.

With the damage so extensive to the place and the health danger due to the chemicals they used, we decided to tear the place down. But to this day that cursed house remains the most haunted place I ever lived. Sweet dreams, 

Story Credit: Steve King, TX.


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