Bledsoe Cemetery

Bledsoe Cemetery

Hello I'm Steve the founder of P.I.S.T. Short for Paranormal Investigative Service Team. We are located here in north Texas. Our motto is "Don't get scared, Get Pist!".

I thought I'd introduce myself and share with you the most haunted cemetery I've ever Investigated, Bledsoe Cemetery located in Diel, Texas. 

I came to work here In Honey Grove, Texas about five years ago. A small town to say the least. As you can imagine being a small town as soon as word got out that I was a paranormal investigator, word spread fast.

Suddenly I had a lot of folks telling me I needed to go check out Bledsoe Cemetery. What was amazing was how many of them had stories to tell about personal experiences they had. I noticed that these stories stemmed across several generations here, young and old alike had stories to tell. 

I was all for it but had a heck of a time actually finding the place. Everyone could tell me it was in Diel but no one was able to give me directions. Finally I convinced my boss to drive me out there one day and then I understood why.

It was off in the woods down dirt roads. At first I wasn't really impressed, it was a small little cemetery with only 19 tombstones and really run down to say the least.

An obvious party spot for the local teenager with beer cans tossed about and a lot of vandalism. Absolutely no upkeep. Hell, even the sign was gone! Still I am a professional so it was on. 

At that time with just moving I needed to put a team together, so I started a group in yahoo called "I ain't scared of no ghost" Which though I never mess with it anymore still exists to this day.

I shared the tales I was told by the locals with the group and in no time a team was built and the investigation was underway. 

First we started by finding some history on the place "Gotta love the internet :D" and learned there were actually almost a hundred graves.

Through old military records we learned a lot buried here were the original settlers of Texas killed during the American Indian wars. Now armed with some knowledge a team and the location of the place we gathered On October 29th 2005 and began our onsite investigation. 

It was 69* and not a cloud in the sky. No wind so perfect weather for evidence. We began by taking emf readings. Nothing. So then we moved on to EVP work and photographs.

A couple of the women there were sensitives and they wandered about trying to pick up on any energy or anything really they thought might be abnormal.

We were all getting very discouraged really, we even talked about how the place felt you know kinda peaceful. Then we noticed something odd. across the cemetery in the back there was one leaf out of thousands that kept, well for lack of a better word; waving at us. lol 

I know it sounds ridiculous but you have to understand, not another leaf plant or tree in the whole darn cemetery was moving! Just this one. It caught mine and a fellow investigators attention both at once.

What struck me too was my daughter had come out with me and kept harping at me to take pictures of that area before this occurred.

So me and him both began snapping a couple of pictures of the leaf then headed over to investigate it further. We couldn't find any webs on it or bugs or anything to explain why it was waving.

Still it continued even with us right there in front of it. Well by now the sun had gone down and with nothing much really happening we called it a day. 

That night I started going through the evidence, (Yes I'm one of those, I just can't wait) and to my surprise I got a full-apparition of a woman standing in the woods watching us!

Excited to say the least, I called Jim and Laura at once! Oh (Fellow investigators founders of the Twilight Society) Jim, by the way, holds a Doctorate in Parapsychology. 

I emailed him the pic (this is a close up by the way):

cemetery ectoplasm

So he could check it out and see what he thought. But then he Emails me a pic he got too from another angle(I don't have that photo). I was like DUDE! are you kidding me? The same apparition on two different cameras from two different angles by two different investigators?

That's unheard of! He was tripping out too, hell, we all tripped out! So we all got together again at the cemetery to try to debunk the evidence. Several other things we caught we were able to debunk. But this one, we couldn't.

She was standing on a dirt rode right outside the cemetery watching us right behind the are where the leaf was waving. It's not a tree, not a bush, It's a ghost. Now through the years I've returned a few times to Bledsoe.

I always shoot as the sun is setting. The results of which to me are nothing short of amazing.

Well I guess I've chewed on your ear long enough. I'll continue to visit Bledsoe, and when I catch something I'll update.

Story credit: Steve King, TX.

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