True Ghost Stories and the Paranormal

True Ghost Stories and the Paranormal

During one of my journeys in life, I was visited by a very unusual being. If you can call it that. I had just arrived in Vancouver B.C. and had registered at this hotel. I went and contacted some friends and we had dinner and went dancing later.

Well I told my friends that I was pretty tired so I said goodnight and proceeded to my hotel room.

I had a shower, then put the television on for some noise as it was pretty quite in the room. guess I fell asleep. suddenly, as I am a light sleeper, I felt someone beside me.

It felt like a huge man as the bed was indented quite a bit on the side of the bed next to me.

I turned on the light to see if there was anyone there but no one. I checked the door again, so I went back to sleep after convincing myself I had had a dream.

Well I went back to sleep and this time that thing started to feel me up like as if he was trying to make love to me.

This time I screamed and woke up... again no one was there, but this time when I turned on the lights, there was some presence there that I could feel.

Then the weirdest feeling came. I was awake and this thing tried to feel me like it really was trying to make love to me. God I ran out of the room and I screamed!!! I told the manager and he said oh sorry you met our amorous ghost.

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