Radio Alive

Radio Alive

I have an old-style (remake) GE wooden cathedral radio. I got it for free from an old friend. This thing, from the moment I received it, has shown signs of not only life, but life of a friendly nature.

I'm into old fashioned things, riding around on a beach cruiser, collecting models of 50's cars, listening to oldies radio stations. I always keep "her" tuned to one of these. 

But whenever I listen on this particular one, It always plays either what I want or need to hear at the moment.

People call and request what was in my head, or whatever would be good for my mood at the moment. Always. Even if the station doesn't normally play it. But never on other radios, only "her".

If I'm depressed, someone requests "Who put the bomp", or something else similarly happy sounding. When I've had a hard day or am particularly stressed I'll get something smooth and jazzy like "Soulful Strut" or something like it.

Once it even turned itself on in the middle of the night, dial glowing, with the knob still in the "off" position.

I had been having a really insane nightmare, and "she" woke me up with a burst of static, then proceed to launch into "Hushabye"! The DJ said it had been a request, but come on. What are the odds of such a "malfunction" occurring right at the perfect time? "she" was obviously telling me that I was being looked after. 

And in light of the occurrences that began to take place with it, I even remember the very first song it played when turned to the station. I don't know the name of this one, but I know that it was done by "The Animals".

It's the one that goes in part: "...I'm just a soul who's intentions are good--Oh lord Please don't let me be miss understood...", as if it were telling me not to be afraid of it's obvious personality.

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