Ghost in Meigs Cemetery

Ghost in Meigs Cemetery

In the summer of 2007 I wound up moving to GA with some friends of mine I had known for years. A friends wife was into this paranormal stuff and would always tell me about the haunted places in our town and show me pictures of ghost's that she had taken over the months of living there before I moved.

So I told her I didn't believe in that kind of stuff, I thought she was just seeing things. So she took me to Meig's Cemetary just like 15-20 minutes outside of Thomasville GA.

She and I and her friend were walking around the side of the church and the hair on my arms and neck stood up, she then told me to stop and look at the man in the civil war outfit smoking a pipe leaning against a tree as if he was standing watch or something.

He looked over at us and started walking to the woods and dissipated... Shortly after we saw that my friend and I had heard someone walking behind the 3 of us and we looked back saying who's there and you could see the leaves moving as if someone or something was running away but you couldn't see a figure.

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