I was a Ghost Once, At Least it Seemed So

I was a Ghost Once, At Least it Seemed So

When I was in the fifth grade I had an extraordinary experience that affected me for life. I'd like to share this with you all. It's one of the main reasons I am a ghost hunter today.

It was my first day at a new school In Irving. My dad had taken me in to make sure I knew the way. But when school was over I had to walk home.

Like most kids I believe I was checking everything out on my way home. 

I remember walking up one street then around a curve and continuing on. After a few minutes I realized I was on the wrong side of the road that my next street was to the left.

I looked both ways and everything looked clear, So I went to step off the curb to cross when I heard a horn. It startled me so I jumped back just in time for the car to pass.

I continued on across the street and up the side walk. I was looking at the houses along the way they were pretty nice. 

We had just moved into an apartment at the time and I missed having our own house. Then I was noticing how cool the trees looked.

Very tall cottonwood trees if my memory serves me correctly it has been years now. I saw a man watering his yard and waved at him.

He didn't wave back but I just brushed it off figured he must have just had a bad day. 

I remember it was hot and the wind felt good on my face. My feet were hurting a bit not sure why but they felt really heavy on the concrete as I walked.

I got to the end of the road and went to turn left to continue home. Suddenly there was an old man over me saying sonny get up, sonny get up now you're ok.

I woke up laying in the middle of the road confused to say the least. 

I asked what happened as I started feeling really sore. The man replied you were hit by a car you're ok. there is an ambulance on the way just be still.

I remember thinking this guy must be nuts I wasn't hit by no car. Then I realized there were people all around me. My leg was hurting, I looked down and my knee was bleeding.

I went to rub my eye and it was bleeding too. About that time the ambulance showed up. 

The paramedics jumped out and went to open the back doors to pull out the stretcher. Me being me of course I just stood up and climbed on in lol.

After a little talking to by the paramedic a police car pulled up and there was mom and dad.

Mom was freaked screaming "my baby!" I was like awe mom, embarrassed that my friends heard her call me that.

Lol just goes to show how little kids think, I didn't even have any friends yet? She climbed in the paramedics shut the door and we were off.

Mom was asking them questions left and right! me though I was tripping to say the least. Not over being hit or bleeding or even mom freaking out.

It was what I saw out the back of the ambulance windows. As we drove on, there were the house and the trees I had seen walking home. 

There was the man watering his grass. In fact there was everything I saw. But how could that be? I had never been down that street before? I was hit a block and a half back.

You know when I stepped off the curb. A driver was speeding through a school zone and came around that curve going 45 miles an hour.

According to witnesses when he saw me, it was too late. he hit his brakes and the car went side ways, the passenger door batted me half a block. My bodies imprint was crushed into the door. 

So you see folks I was a ghost once. that's one of the main reasons I hunt ghosts to this day. I wonder if its the same for them? Were they in a since... just knocked out of their bodies prematurely?

Does the world feel the same to them as well? These are just a couple of question I still want the answers too.

My only memory still is that car missing me when I jumped back to the curb, and walking on towards home.

Is that how it is for them? Did there life just go on like normal in their eyes? Trippy huh? This is a true story. Thanks for listening.

Sweet dreams.

Story Credit: Steven K. TX.

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