The Bed and the Men

The Bed and the Men

OK to start off, the bed belonged to my great grandmother. No one we know of slept in the bed at my great grandmother's house. When she passed my grandmother took the bed and it was in an extra bedroom of hers for years never set up or anything.

Before my second son was born she gave us the bed, mattress and all for my older son to sleep in.

Well for a few months everything was going OK. nothing going wrong. Then one night I heard him yelling "Get off of me,  don't touch me" I did not think anything of it. I thought he may be having a bad dream.

And it then happened again and again night after night. He then would not even go into his room.

We then were driving home one day from Waynesburg and he told me that the little boy in his room wanted to see his mommy and daddy. When I asked where his mommy and daddy where he pointed up to the sky ( I guess meaning Heaven).

We had a guy come to the house and do an investigation and said he wanted to do more and we set a date for him to come back... in the mean time we had my pastor come over to bless the house.

Which he said that there was a sense of sadness in the room. The blessing went well although I think it made the spirit very angry, b/c my son was terrified to go into his room after that.

The young man came back with more tools and a few friends and they all felt something different in my sons room and said that there was something in there.

The recorded sounds which I do not want to hear. My son said that there were two men in his room that were mean when that bed was here at the house.

As for the bed it is gone and so is what ever followed it to our house.

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