I Wonder if He's Real Pt. 2

I Wonder if He's Real Pt. 2

First off, I'd like to thank those who commented and added their insight on the situation. It was very much appreciated. I would have commented back, but I haven't the slightest notion on how to do so.  

I stated in my previous post that there were a number of four encounters with this Being and that I would share the remaining three.

If you haven't read the first part to this chain of events, please do so before preceeding. 

The date was March 14th, 2012. It was in the late evening of the night, which I do not know the exact time. I was lying in bed and my fiance was in the kitchen getting some grub.

I was turned away from the TV (on my left side), my eyes were closed but I was wide awake. Some time, during the absence of my fiance, I felt a burst of energy.

Something had entered my room. I was not stirred by this, as I've lived with the Paranormal my entire life.

I believe I smiled to myself and thought "well, hello there". I listened to the hardly audible shuffles as the presence drew nearer, all the while keeping my eyes closed.

I then felt what seemed to be fingertips gingerly touch the top of my head and lightly caress my hair. This was actually quite soothing and I felt myself become very relaxed.

Then, there was a sensation that engulfed my entire body. The only way to describe how it felt was as if it were melting into me, becoming one with me; it was a serene numbing feeling.

Once I was consumed by this, it happened again. 

I felt the penetration, my heart began pounding, my breathing was becoming heavy and uneven. I started seeing fragments of images in my head, but the only thing I could catch was long black hair.

Once again, I could feel my hips rocking involuntarily but this time I wasn't telling HIM what I wanted HIM to do, HE just did as HE pleased.

Even when my fiance returned to the room, HE did not stop, only eased (HE was being a bit rough). I tried to control my breathing and eventually fell asleep (I cannot remember if HE stopped before I dozed off or not).

I recall my fiance making a comment about my breathing. 

This was all that happened the second time, but as things progressed, it's become more intense.

Story credit: Adaleiss Rose.

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