I Wonder if He's Real Pt. 3

I Wonder if He's Real Pt. 3

This is obviously the third part to the chain of encounters with this Being that I believe may be some form of intimate Spirit. If you haven't read the last two posts on this topic, I encourage you to do so before proceeding.

Any insight or advice is openly welcome. 

The date was April 17th, 2012. It was in the evening, around 9:15 p.m. My fiance was at work and I was alone in my bedroom (which happens to be the Sunroom).

I played Fallout: New Vegas for a couple of hours and eventually got annoyed with it, so I put in Skyrim and played that for about an hour.

When I grew bored with Skyrim, I decided I'd watch a movie to pass time until my fiance returned home. 

I shut off the console (XBox 360) and went into the livingroom, grabbed the new Footloose, returned to my room, put the DVD into the DVD player and went outside to smoke while the previews played out. 

Before I continue, I must explain one small thing so that the next part makes sense.

If you've read the last two posts of mine on this topic, then you will notice that the first encounter was on the 14th of February and the second was on the 14th of March.

I realized this one day when I was thinking about HIM and decided that HE only seems to come around on the 14th of the month. This being said, I shall continue.

About halfway through my smoke I began to think about HIM again. I wondered why he hadn't appeared on the 14th of April, as I had expected him to and it was now the 17th.

At this point, I decide to try to talk out loud in hopes that it would possibly hear me (it sounds silly, I know). I say, out loud, "where have you gone? Why didn't you come back?" and oddly, I felt as if HIS hands were on my hips.

I could not feel solid hands on me, but I got the impression that this is what HE was doing. I felt relaxed and calm and leaned back against what would be HIS chest if he were solid.

A short moment after this, I finished my smoke and went back inside. 

I played the DVD, laid down and got settled beneath my blanket. Not even a minute after I laid down, there HE was. I felt HIM penetrating me as before, only it felt more teasing. I

t's hard to explain unless you've experienced it for yourself. I talked to him in my mind and allowed him to take charge this time. This time though, was very different from the last two encounters with HIM. I could feel HIS weight on me, which I never could before.

At first the heaviness was on my legs and then eventually my entire body. I could still move but with a little more effort than usual, I even found it difficult to speak out loud.

I would have the words ready and I'd go to say it out loud, but for some reason I just couldn't bring myself to do it. It was physically difficult to speak out loud! At one point, I felt so giddy (like a blushing child) and had to bury my face in the pillow. 

After HE had stopped, HE still stuck around, which has never happened before (at least to my knowledge). I felt a tightness inside my body, and my first initial thought was HE was trying to possess me.

I have been possessed before, which I will share another time, and I immediately began to panick. I said, out loud, "no, no. You got to go" and the tightness receded.

After it went away, there was a distinct coldness beneath my skin, like an Arctic snow storm beneath my flesh. The muscles in my back would tighten and I would violently shiver and then the muscles would relax.

This repeated for a couple of minutes until it was finally all over and HE was no longer around (or in hiding). 

This was the end of that experience, and afterward I realized HE wasn't trying to possess me at all. I think I may have insulted him for thinking so.

I know I've posted two encounters in one day, but I've nothing better to do.

Story credit: Adaleiss Rose.

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