The Boy in the Blue Hat

The Boy in the Blue Hat

I remembered this the other day just randomly and decided I would share it with you all. I always found this particular experience interesting, though it is not frightening in any way. 

My friend Jess, Destiny, and myself were all hanging out at the Annex, a building where they serve free dinners to people who are struggling or have nothing to their name.

The Annex was closed on Sundays I believe, so I'll guess this took place on a Sunday. The sun was bright, the air warm.

It was just us three messing around as children often do, playing games of 'house' and trying out different story lines. 

I was younger then, perhaps eight or nine, and I still had the ability to see those who were departed or not of this plane. With time, that gift has gone, but I am still empathetic and can hear more than I can see (which is only occasional). 

There was nothing eerie about this day. We were all having fun and sharing stories, picking on one another and what-not. For reasons that I am unsure of, I felt compelled to look across the street as Jess and Destiny were chatting about something.

I noticed that a truck was turning onto the road and I also noticed a young boy standing across the road staring back at me.

I do not recall seeing his face, but I remember he was wearing a blue baseball cap and possibly a red sweater (it's been so long I cannot fully remember intimate details).

He stood motionless, facing me and I facing him. The truck, by now, was rounding the corner and cut the boy off from view. As the truck passed, I seen that the boy was no longer there.

He had vanished completely in a matter of seconds. I did not know who the boy was, and I remember asking Jess and Destiny if they had seen him, but they said no. 

Still, to this day, I wonder who that boy was and if I could have helped him cross over. With age, I wish I would have helped the Spirits that came to me instead of being so frightened by them.

I know that if it were me, I would want someone to do the same for me.

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