This event took place over the summer of last year when I was living with my father. We were homeless and joined a group (I will not say the name for their privacy) that took in two families that were struggling.

This group housed the families and fed them until they could get back on their feet. My father joined this group and this is how we managed to take care of ourselves. Each week the families would be moved to a different location to be housed.

One week the families would stay in a church and the next week, the families would stay in a motel. During the day time, however, the families would meet up at the Group Building to shower, do laundry, eat, etc.

On this one particular day, my father was at work and my step-mother and myself were at the Group Building doing laundry. This is where this event took place. 

I was quite tired, because being a part of this group required you to get up at the bum-crack of dawn when it was church week. My step-mom was in the hallway area doing laundry and I was in the drawing/dining room area.

There was a total of one couch and one chair in this room, and I just so happened to be in the chair. My legs were hanging over the arm of the chair and my head was lying on the other arm of the chair. I decided to take a nap to pass time until my father got off work. I closed my eyes and it didn't take long until I drifted off to sleep.

The dream I had was quite disturbing, and I will share it as it plays an important role in this experience. In my dream I was looking for my sacred red candle, which I actually had at the time.

I was quite angry that it was gone and I was tearing the house apart searching for it (in my dream it was the house I lived in when I was possessed). I went outside onto the porch and found it lying on the ground.

I picked it up and examined it, finding that it had carvings and doodles in the wax. I was irate. My step-mother's three children were in my dream, and they had been the ones that had desecrated my sacred candle. I began yelling and screaming at them, but as this continued, I began to change.

It was no longer me, but something grotesque. The thing had red eyes that were bloodshot, her skin was corpse-like, her hair was thin and long but there were chunks missing, exposing cracked scalp beneath.

Its fingernails were long, yellow/brown and dirty; her teeth were rotten and cracked. If anyone were to see this 'woman' on the streets, they would puke at the sight of her. 

Suddenly, I was jarred from my sleep for reasons I'm unsure and I found myself staring directly at the clock. I watched as seconds passed by before I decided to get up and see where my step-mother was.

I could hear the washer/dryer running in the next room, but when I tried to get up that's when I realized I couldn't move. I tried moving my hand at first, but nothing. Then I tried moving my feet, fingers, toes, then the rest of my body.

I could not, for the life of me, move. I slightly became panicked and tried to call out to my step-mom but the only thing that came out was a slight wheeze as my breath escaped my lips. I felt utterly helpless. Then, I felt a release of pressure and jumped up from the chair.

I ran like hell out there and found my step-mom and explained to her what had just happened to me. I had never in my life before that day had Sleep Paralysis. I never knew of such a thing and I'd certainly never heard of the Old Hag.

I found a website and began reading on other people's experiences and I came across stories of the Old Hag and Sleep Paralysis. I was taken aback. I was sure the Old Hag was the grotesque 'woman' that I dreamt of. I guess I will never know for sure.

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