To all you budding ghost busters out there, a question... I know someone who is having trouble with something. This someone has moved house three times. This something has moved house with her.

Her light bulbs were removed from their sockets and carefully placed on the floor. Her wardrobes were pushed over onto her bed. (fortunately, no body was hurt). She got a shower and as she was getting dried, she felt her back was sore, when she twisted to look in the mirror, her back was full of scratches. 

Her husband has scratches along the length of his arm, he doesn't know how he got them...As she was in bed one night, she felt something very close to her.

As she opened her eyes, she saw a woman's face staring into her face from a couple of inches away. The face had no eyes, just black hollow sockets where her eyes should have been. The woman had long black hair and a white nightgown of some sort.

This girl threw her arms in front of her face, fearing she was going to be attacked. As she opened her eyes again, this woman, or whatever it was, floated away from the bed and disappeared through the bedroom wall.

Anyone out there got any ideas? I would be grateful to try and help this girl out.

Anonymous submission.

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