For decades the most popular ghost story to be told and retold in the Chicago-area is none other than that of Resurrection Mary. Mary as she is supposedly known as(however, her identity is really unknown.

There are a few different rumors that detail who she might be).Anyway..."Mary" was a beautiful, blonde-hair, blued-eyed young women who attended the O'Henry Ballroom dance back in the 1930's(the O'Henry Ballroom is now known as the Willowbrook, located at 8900 Archer Avenue). 

Legend states that she had gotten into an argument with her boyfriend, stormed off and began hitchhiking down Archer Avenue. Not long into her walk, she was hit and killed by an unknown-driver somewhere in-between the Willowbrook and the main-gates of Resurrection Cemetery.

Ever since, Mary's spirit has made contact with numerous people and reportedly been seen standing on the side of the road along Archer Avenue in the white dress she wore the night of the dance waving people down and hitching a ride.

The first-account of contact with Mary after her death came from a Mr. Jerry Palus. His story is as followed: He seen and picked up a girl that waved him down near 47th and Mozart, he stated that they went dancing for the whole evening, but noted that she was quite cold to the touch. At the end of the night, Mary asked for a ride home, and of course Jerry agreed. 

Mary supposedly lived near the Bridgeport Area of Chicago but said she'd like to go for a ride past Resurrection Cemetery again located at Archer Avenue on the way. As they approached the gates to the cemetery the young girl began acting very odd.

She excitedly told Jerry to pull-over close to the cemetery, when she suddenly opened the door and made a dash towards the cemetery gates, telling Jerry not to follow her. Jerry states that before even reaching the gates the young-girl disappeared in plain sight of him. Jerry pulled himself together and realized that for the entire evening he had escorted a ghost to and from the dance. 

Upon further investigation, Mr. Palus learned through young-Mary's mother that she had been long deceased. While at her house he had seen a picture of her in a frame and was convinced that that was the young-lady he was with on that strange-night. 

Another interesting rumor surrounding Mary came to be in May of 1978. A couple 
(Shawn and Jerry) where driving along Archer Avenue when they saw a young -girl dart out in front of the vehicle the two were traveling in.

Jerry yelled at Shawn "Watch out for the woman!" however, it was too late even with tires skidding along the road, they hit the young-girl with the right part of the cars bumper only to watch young-Mary cut right through the bumper and car then slowly vanished as they came to a stop. Nowhere to be found. 

Of course, with any popular ghost-story, there are many other rumors of Resurrection Mary to be told. I may save the others for a different article.  

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