I grew up in the country, we had a lot of land. There was a gravel road that led to the back of the property and did a loop by the barn. Behind the barn was an old dilapidated house that the lovely elderly lady that sold us the place grew up in.

The roof was caved in and most of the floors were rotted out too but there was still really old newspapers on the table and jars of beans in the cupboards.

I went back there all the time to get creeped out, because we always heard strange voices and random things like that, but one day an old fighter plane door showed up, propped against the house.

Obviously I wasn't the only one that hung out there, but I never went there at night. It looked like it was from the 50's, it was orange with a blue skull and cross bone painted on it, and a couple other details I've forgotten since I was 12 at the time.

I wanted to show my friend Kristen, so we go through the barn and climb over the gate of the back of the barn and before we got over it we started hearing this static, then numbers and some code in a mans voice, mainly just calling off random numbers in a serious voice.

I had no idea what that meant until I told my uncle who said that was obviously pilot talk, He knew the official term for it and I will get back on here if I can think of it! We just turned around and ran back to the road.

That was pretty awesome though, I might go back there one day though I doubt the plane door is still there.

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