I've had experiences at my grandmas house since I was a little kid. It wasn't until I was grown my mom told me they got the place so cheap because the man who sold its wife committed suicide there.

They have a lake, horses, a big's my second home. I lived there for parts of my life.

The first I remember I was crawling around the living room floor(the living room consists of antique chairs and a grandfather clock) I looked up startled when the clock chimed, when I looked in front of me there was a pale girl with jet black hair right in front of me on her hands and knees.

I wasn't at crawling age,probably 5 just goofing around. The girl reached her hand out to me and I shook my head no, I wasn't even afraid, I didn't know what ghosts were.

Then she was gone. I guess I was around 7 when the most terrifying thing happened to me. I was watching cartoons on the den couch curled up chillin.

The pink panther was coming on and to this day hearing the theme song freaks me out. I heard something behind the couch and felt a strong, scary as hell presence.

I peeked over to see this black misty form lurking around, pacing behind the couch low to the ground, it was very long but no real form. I remember hoping it'd go away but it started circling the couch.

I prayed it wouldn't notice me but what happened next still makes me tear up, it circled the couch really fast and I felt like a cold wind then the blackness was on top of me, I felt HANDS around my neck.

I couldn't breathe to scream but when it finally let me go I screamed my head off till my grandma came to see what was happening. I am still not over that attack.

It pretty much tortured me as a kid but now she isn't scary at all, I'll be doing my hair in what was her 'dressing room' and Ill hear a soft "hey" hear footsteps, doors open and close...she taps on my moms shoulder a lot and we all occasionally hear a child's voice say mama.

Nothing overwhelming.

Any thoughts on this from experienced para researchers welcome.

Anonymous submission.


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