Highway Sheila Terror

Highway Sheila Terror

This is story about Highway Sheila.

Where I'm from, everyone knows about Highway Sheila. Some people even say they knew her, she was a vibrant lady full of laughter and joy and she was loving and caring and would never harm even an ant. judging by the size of this town I don’t doubt that some people did know her.

Her death was gruesome and tragic, nobody knew who or why anyone would want to hurt Sheila. Her death shocked everyone.

She earned her nickname from her hauntings right after her death. It's said that she was on her way home late one night when she had a flat tire on a highway, she got out of her car and waved at traffic to try and get some help. (I don think she had a cellphone).

Finally, Highway Sheila managed to catch the attention of one driver. He pulled in and parked right next to her vehicle. She went over to the car and saw that he had about four friends with him.

She asked for help and explained her situation. All four got out, she noticed they were intoxicated. After checking her tire out, they went up to her and started acting weird, passing remarks and touching her.

She was afraid and told them she didn’t need their help anymore and asked them to leave.

That made them angry and they started getting more violent and aggressive. Then one of them pushed Highway Sheila into her car and began assaulting her, she screamed but nobody heard her cries, they blocked her mouth, they all had turns with her.

They cut her and made markings on her body, torturing her until she had no energy to cry or scream.

Highway Sheila just lay there. They murdered that poor girl.  To those sick guys, it made them laugh. They didn’t know they made the biggest mistake of their lives.

She came back from the dead, eager and thirsty for the blood of her murderers, she hunted them down like animals one by one and killed them in the most brutal manner.

Many people have claimed encountering her. She lurks the N2 highway and tampers with cars as they pass. It's said that she hikes for for a lift to her house.

I don’t know for sure what she looks like, I haven’t seen her and certainly wouldn’t want to, or want anyone else too.

There's a picture of a house on the highway, look closely at the window. the guy standing there took that pic because he wanted to show his family the house.

I don’t think he ever went back to that house again, if I were him, I wouldn’t. I don’t know how much is true, but I know Highway Sheila is. I just thought I would share it.

Story Credit: Nazreen Smile.


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