The Haunted House of Fayetteville Women's Club

The Haunted House of Fayetteville Women's Club

It has been said that The Women's Club House in Fayetteville North Carolina, during the American Civil War, 150 years ago, used to live a young woman and her lover.

As the Union Army was getting closer, the young woman and her love tried to escape through a secret tunnel that lead to the Cape Fear River, but it was blown up before they could make it safe to the other side of the River. 

Some people had said that a lady dressed in black will appear on the staircase of the three story house.

Her lover goes into the rented apartments to watch television with the tenants and if he did not like what program you were watching he will change the channel. It is said that the tenants will see an imprint of a body on the couch or chair that was close to the television. 

The Union army was the land force that fought for the Union during the American Civil war. It was also know as the Federal Army, the U.S Army, The Northern Army and the National Army.

Composed of volunteers as well conscripts. The Union Army Fought and eventually defeated the smaller Confederate States Army during the war which lasted from 1861 to 1865.  

About 360,000 died from all causes; some 280,000 were wounded. 

The old cemeteries that I have been taking pictures dated from that time, they went through so much pain and sadness during the civil war,maybe that is the reason why the still hang around in our time.

Story credit: Sandra

Sources: Info about the Union Army by Wikipedia, the free Encyclopedia


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