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Famous Hot Spots for Paranormal Activity in the State of Maine

Famous Hot Spots for Paranormal Activity in the State of Maine

Maine in essence is a very beautiful state. It is very famous for its eggs, poultry and blue-berries. Its beautiful atmosphere, beaches and lakes are some of the things that make it a vocational land. It consists of 89% forest cover.

It is no surprise that it is considered to be a strange place with a lot of paranormal-activity in addition to being recognized as the state of producing paper products. 

Stephen King, the famous horror story novelist, can tell you a thing or two about paranormal-activities in the state. The following are some of the places that are considered to have hauntings in Maine: 

South Portland Funeral Home

If there is any place that is considered to be the most haunted place in Maine is the funeral home in South Portland, located in Southern Maine Technical College. This particular branch of the college is known for housing students but it was once a nursing home and a brothel.

The long history of the place makes it hard for anyone to figure out what exactly makes the place so haunted. 

There is rumored to be a man that wanders the attic floors at night. There is also rumored to be a creature that moves back and forth in the place. The creature has been known to elude the traps that have been set for it. 

The presence of dusty foot prints around the traps has also been reported. The students also say that some old woman and a boy make their nights unbearable by playing with their windows and blankets. 

That is not all but there is also a woman who walks around in her night gown mostly in the evening. She walks up and down the stairs through-out the night. 

The White Witch

The White-Witch can be found in the York Village historical museum. She was a witch during the days when witches were hunted. There was a woman who was captured and hung in front of the village of York. 

Ever since she was hung, there have been a door that opens and closes on its own, items moving around and cold spots everywhere. Residents of the area say that they have ever seen a woman who walks alone on the road.

Since she is a white witch, she is considered to be harmless and therefore people do not bother that much with her. 

The children who go to the day care center right across the road say that a woman dressed in white comes over to play with them. She is a nice ghost and therefore they enjoy her visits. 

Suicide at the University of Southern Maine

The Robbie Andrews dorm is the place that is considered to have the most paranormal activity in the university. There are constant moving objects and clocks being turned. Footsteps can also be heard and electronic equipment short circuit. 

In the 20th century, there was a suicide that took place in the dorm. It was a student who hung herself when she found out that she was pregnant. Ever since then, there have been constant frantic footsteps in the attic that can be heard. 

Captain Fairfield Inn 

The Inn was named after James Fairfield, who was imprisoned by the British. This was during the 1812 war. After his release, he decided to settle down with his wife. He later died of pneumonia. 

Ever since his death, he has been haunting the inn. Many people report seeing him in the basement as well as the guest rooms. 

West Side Lake

The camps in this area are considered to be areas that are seriously haunted. Strange apparitions and worldly fog has been reported in the area.

The paranormal activity in this area is so strong that objects would arrange and rearrange themselves when one wasn't looking. 

Bath, Maine

It can be found on the Kennebec River. The hauntings in this area have even been recorded on tape. The ghosts in this area seem to be actively seeking to preserve their residence. 

During one of the ghost tours, many people have reported seeing Ectoplasmic-mist and freely floating apparitions.

Other EVP devices have recorded voices of ghosts beyond the graves. This gives ghost hunters enough evidence to prove that the dead can live very comfortably among the living.

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