Hauntings in California

Hauntings in California

California is renowned for its haunted schools, hospitals, mansions and cemeteries. With its rich and eventful history, the state boasts several landmarks of historical importance that also qualify for being haunted sites.

These places are visited by ghost hunters, psychics, paranormal investigators and tourists frequently. 

The following locations are very popular for their Hauntings in California: 

Fallsvale Elementary School, Forest Falls
Fallsvale Elementary School is surrounded by a forest that is reported to be haunted by ghost children. Several sightings have been witnessed by the locals over the years.

The elementary school shares the land with an old school. This old school is carefully fenced and is kept out of bounds for the public. Most of the elementary school students have seen or heard the voices of the ghost children at some time or the other.

In fact, the hauntings are not shocking for them anymore. 

According to the paranormal investigators who specialize in Hauntings in California, these ghost children are probably somehow related to the old abandoned school.

The reason why this school has been categorically kept secure from public visitations is not very clear. 

Winchester House, San Jose
Not just the employees but the tourists also claim to have experienced paranormal activities in this mystery house. Investigators believe that currently 3 spirits are active at this location.

Creaking boards, unexplained sounds and uneasy feelings are commonly felt here. 

This house was built by Sarah Winchester who spent 38 years in building this mansion. The construction and alterations in the house continued until her death.

She had given special instruction to her carpenters that that the work should go on as long as she lived. 

When Mrs. Winchester lost her infant child and years later, her husband, she went into profound depression. For coping with the tragedies, she consulted a psychic.

She was advised to build a house in the West in order to escape being harmed by the spirits of the American Indians and the soldiers, who were shot by the rifles that her husband manufactured. 

Sarah Winchester died in her sleep in this ranch-turned house that is one of the fascinating sites known for Hauntings in California. Interestingly, she was not given a burial in the house but in Connecticut instead. 

Pet Cemetery, Los Angeles
Famous for being the cemetery for the pets of Hollywood stalwarts, this place is also popular for its hauntings. The dead pets of Little Rascal, Mary Pickford and Hopalong Cassidy have found a place here.

Among the many stories, haunting by one animal stands out. Rudolf Valentino's pet dog Kabar is frequently seen in the cemetery. This Great Dane expired in 1929 and even today, its playful spirit wanders in the place.

Those who go near it grave hear the sounds of his painting and feel him licking them lovers. 

Toys R Us, Sunnyvale
This toy store is alleged to be haunted by the spirit of a young man. The store was constructed in 1970 on what was once an apple orchard. The orchard belonged to John Murphy and the spirit who haunts this site is that of Johnny Johnson, one of the wood-choppers on the farm. 

Johnny Johnson's tragic death and incomplete love story seem to be the reason why he is still around. When he was alive, he fell in love with Murphy's daughter, Elizabeth.

One day while he was chopping wood, he misjudged and his axe landed on his leg instead of the wood. He died of excessive bleeding. 

He is chiefly seen in the women's restroom, the back aisles of the store and particularly in aisle 15C.

The workers in the store find toys strewn across the floor, faucets turning on and off automatically, balls falling down the stairs and boxes shooting off the shelves by themselves. 

Sylvia Brown who is a psychic held a sance in the store. She had a few photographers accompanying her. A photograph taken by an infrared camera showed the presence of a young man who was leaning against a wall.

His hands were buried inside his pockets. This store is very popular as a site of Hauntings in California. 

Warm Springs Fish Hatcheries, Geyserville
This site was originally Native American burial grounds. A host of spirits has haunted the hatchery from time to time making it a well-known site of Hauntings in California. 

At one time, the main building was haunted by a female spirit. She used to fling abuses at the workers and fiddled with the radio stations to annoy them. One of the houses had a shower that could never be turned off.

The inhabitants of another house had frequent experiences of having a ghost child climb into their beds.


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