A Burglar Breaking Our Stuff

A few days ago my boyfriend and I sat in the livingroom when a HUGE crash sounded from his computer was so craz,y we could feel the bang in the couches we were sitting in!

It was like someone had taken a heavy object and thrown it angrily to the floor to break it...but when we cautiously went to see if a burglar or a murderer was on a rampage in our apartment, no one was there...and nothing had been thrown to the floor...there was nothing on the floor at all! - creepy and fun.

Later my sister came by and someone was walking around in the sister shouts out to my eldest daughter and said "HI SWEETIE"...but my daugter wasn't even home...we were alone in the apartment.

So my sister said hi to our well known ghost,  Mrs.pritchart, instead and then said: "you have a creepy appartment, sis!"

Credit: Ditte Marie Kristensen.


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