The Available Types of Ghost Hunting Equipment

The Available Types of Ghost Hunting Equipment

Paranormal shows like Ghost Hunters are popular and they have led many people to be interested in activities such as ghost hunting. Unlike in the past, ghost hunting and other paranormal activities are no longer a taboo.

They are now featured in mainstream media and many people participate in ghost hunting activities as a hobby.In order to become a “professional” ghost hunter, you need to have specific equipment that will assist you in your undertakings.

You can use standard ghost hunting equipment or modernized equipment and software.

As a ghost hunter, it is very important to familiarize yourself with ghost hunting equipment since various pieces will allow you to capture real ghost photographs, true ghost videos, and all kinds of voices and sounds among other things that will lead to a successful ghost hunting undertaking.

The Types of ghost hunting tools and equipment available:

Notebook and Pen
Some ghost hunters fail to use these items and but they are very important for your investigation.

You can use a notebook and pen to record minor case details prior to, during and after you have carried out the investigation.

Minor details may include historical information from your client if you are carrying out the investigation on behalf of another person, time and date among other details.

As a ghost hunter, it is necessary for you to have a flashlight because in many occasions, you will have to work in dark areas like underground tunnels and basements.

A flashlight will be of great assistance to you since it will help you observe things properly.In addition to that, it can alert you on the presence of spirits or ghosts because paranormal investigators have proven that when a flashlight switches itself off with no logical explanation, it is a sign that ghosts may be present.

Most of the equipment that you will use in your ghost hunting activities run on batteries.

Even though the equipment will have batteries, it is always good to carry extra batteries so that you can carry out the activities without worrying that your batteries will get drained. 

Digital Cameras
Digital cameras are very important in your ghost hunting activity.

They will not only assist you to capture ghostly manifestations but they will also assist you to store memories of ghost manifestations that took place in various locations during your investigations.

For instance, a video camera can assist you to capture moving items or fluid videos of a ghost among other phenomena.

Some people believe that if the batteries of your video camera are drained during the investigation, it is an indication of a ghost that is trying to manifest itself.

In general, cameras are very useful because they will help you to capture countless images of apparitions among other activities, which you can examine later.

Tape Recorders
Tape recorders are a very essential tool for your investigations.

You can use them to record EVP (electronic voice phenomena) when you are working in presumed haunted locations.

EVPs, which are also referred to as disembodied voices are the voices and sounds that are heard during playback of different kinds of magnetic tapes.

Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Detectors
These are nature's fundamental forces. You can use an EMF detector to measure the energy that stationary objects are emitting.

Ghost hunters believe that spirits and ghosts disrupt EMFs, which can cause bleeps on your detector.

However, you should not use the EMF detectors in a location where there are a lot of electrical gadgets since the findings may not be accurate.

It is important to get a thorough reading of the location under investigation and take note of the electrical devices and outlets before carrying out your investigation.

IR (Infrared) Thermometers
The IR thermometer will offer great assistance in your ghost hunting activities. This piece of equipment is designed to measure an object's surface temperature.

Ghosts that manifest themselves often emit heat signatures, which can be picked up by an IR thermometer.IR thermometers function by emitting IR beams of light.

When this light reaches an object, the object's temperature affects the IR beam. The thermometer measures the variance of the emitted beam, which it converts to temperature.

Dowsing Rods
These are other important types of ghost hunting equipment that you can use during your ghost hunting activities. Dowsing rods are normally L-shaped metals that you can use to find a source of spiritual activity.

All you need to do is hold each rod lightly in each hand as if you are holding candlesticks.

When you start walking, the rods will pull in one direction or the other, you should follow the direction the rods are pointing to and they will cross in the presence of spiritual activity.

The results derived from using dowsing rods vary from one ghost hunter to another depending on one's psychic abilities and electromagnetic pulls.

Audio Recorders
You can use both digital and tape audio recorders to catch an Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP).

Ouija Boards
Also referred to as talking boards or spirit boards. They are flat boards that contain alphabetical letters, the numbers 0 to 9 and the words hello, no and yes occasionally.

They also contain the word goodbye and other graphics and symbols. They use a movable indicator or planchette to indicate the message that a spirit gives.

I however, do not condone the use of Ouija Boards due to the fact that there is the possibility of contacting entities of malicious intent. Including demons.

Often times, spirits can and will lie to you to gain your trust and acceptance via Ouija Board.

The above are only some examples of ghost hunting equipment that you can use to have successful investigations.

If you are not a ghost hunter and you are interested in becoming one, you should be aware that you are about to embark on a journey full of chills and thrills.

Many people who embark on ghost hunting activities have their own reasons of doing that although they have one thing in common.

They aim to establish proof of ghosts by capturing real ghost videos, real ghost photographs, paranormal sounds and voices of the dead. Otherwise, that in which can not be explain through science.

If your interest is to become a ghost hunter, it is very necessary for you to have some basic knowledge regarding different types of hauntings that you may experience while carrying out your task.

It is also important to understand that there are specific ways to handle the different types of haunting.


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