Since Last Night

Since last night when I put in that entry I'm not sure if I'm just really paranoid or what but I keep seeing things.
  • Only out of the corner of my eye though or right as I turn I see a shadow-ey something standing there or coming closer. I'm not really scared just a little nervious because I keep seeing it. Not like every second but I'd say, since I posted that last one, I've seen this thing 5 or 6 times.

I just want answers, I know he's not haunting my whole house, but mostly by bedroom and I'm afraid he's haunting me. Which, like I said in my last one, isn't so horrible he just startles me a lot more than I'm comfortable with.

  • Also, earlier when I was getting ready to go to the vet (for my dog) and I put on some body spray to, ya know, smell good and whatever, but as I set my bottle down on a somewhat slanted shoe storage thing I turned around to continue to get dressed it fell off. Just fell, onto the ground behind me. Not sideways, but front. Literally just fell.
  • This morning my parents went to the doctor so when my brother and I woke up we were home alone. So, my dog was all worked up about something. He was whining and barking (not mean, just wanting something whine-bark). No matter what we did, he'd keep whining. We let him outside only for him to come in and whine again and louder. We actually put him out multiple times.

Anyway, one of the times he had been whining next to me beging for something, my brother was standing ascroo from me and I was laying on the couch facing the wall closest to the laundry room and garage.

So, my dog was just whining away when all of a sudden he completely stops and seems to be resopnding to someone calling to him or leading him into the laundry room.

Our laundry room is pretty small and has a door that leads to the garage and another door opposite to lead back to the living room.

Now, my dog HATES this room. Like, he really just doesn't like it. I'm sure it's because he has accidentally gotten locked in there so many times or it's much too small for him, either way he'd never go in there by himself.

Like I said he just stopped what he was doing, and walked into the laundry room.

He just stood there for a good 30 seconds or so before turning around to look at us stare at him from the living room.

Now that I come to think about it I think it was my nanny trying to get my dog to finally shut up. Even if it was her or wasn't it was stiff odd that he went in there alone...

If anyone has any answers or anything please tell me! Any help with this will be much appreciated! Sorry again that these are so long...

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