Grandma's Doll (A True Ghost Story)

Years ago my grandparents returned home from a trip to Mexico (where they were visiting family) to find a strange looking doll at their front door. By all accounts of those who had seen it, the doll was described as having a very disturbing scowl on it's face and was missing an arm and a leg, along with some other very particular examples of wear and tear. Along with the doll was a note addressed to my grandmother with strange symbols, including an inverted triangle with two exaggerated eyes. Thinking nothing of it, other than an understandably fit of the 'creeps', she took the doll inside, left it on the kitchen table, and went about unpacking her things. 

Tired from their trip and because of the lateness of the hour, my grandparents decided to go to bed. 

Later that night, strange noises were heard from somewhere in the house like a person moaning in pain or sorrow. My grandmother, thinking it was my aunt who still lived at home, went out to the living room and then the kitchen (which are connected) to investigate. To her surprise, there was no one in either rooms. Assuming she had just missed my aunt, my grandmother went back to bed. Before reaching her room, however, she noticed that the doll had been moved into the living room and was now on the couch. 

The next morning grandmother asked my aunt about her wailing the night before and if she was feeling alright. My aunt responded by saying she hadn't left her room after going to bed, which was around the same time as grandma and grandpa, and that she slept through the night. Curiously, grandma asked her daughter if she had moved the doll from the kitchen to the living room. My aunt said that she did not touch the doll and wouldn't as it freaked her out. 

The next few nights, my grandmother was continuously awakened by the same strange sounds from inside the house. Only this time, she distinctly heard the disturbing voice call her by name. Each time she went to find the source, there was nothing or no one to be found, except the eerie looking doll with the cryptic note attached to it. 

Being a suspicious Mexican woman (and having experienced the supernatural in the past - which I'll be sharing in future stories), my grandmother had my aunt and a few of my cousins take the doll away from her house and dispose of it. They gladly took the doll to an empty lot near the house and burned it along with the note. 

A few months had passed when my aunt was in their very large garage collecting empty boxes for Christmas presents. In the furthest corner of the densely packed storage area, my aunt worked her way through a pile of boxes, opening them and sorting them out, as they usually contained smaller shoe boxes and whatnot. There, in a box near the bottom of the pile, to my aunt's horror was the doll with the same note attached. 

Not wanting to take the doll back into the house out of fear of bringing a curse upon their family, my grandparents burned the doll on their back patio where, to this day, a black mass of burnt plastic still remains. To this day, no one knows where the doll or the note came from...

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