The Elisa Lam Mystery

There are cases in which logic and reason seem to be thrown into the wind. Cases so mind-bending that there’s no possible explanation within the realm of the human psyche for what might have happened. People try as hard as they can to solve these intricate mysteries, and there are no answers, sometimes for years on end.

A recent case which has given room to a whole array of questions is the bizzare demise of a 21-year-old student from Vancouver, Canada, who was found dead in the rooftop water tank of the Cecil Hotel in L.A. According to the reports of the L.A. County Department of Coroners, the girl’s death was an accident caused by drowning, and no evidence of drugs and/or alcohol consumption was found at the scene of the crime.

However, police reports alone do not tell the whole story of this spine-chillingly strange case. The more is heard about the case, more suspicious it looks to be. 

The first piece of evidence that needs to be looked at is a surveillance tape from the elevator, which caught glimpses of Elisa’s odd behaviour right before she lost her life. A video shows her frantically pressing the buttons on the elevator.

She waits for a sign that it works, but nothing happens, so she starts looking around, as if she was expecting someone or trying to hide from someone.

Then, at some point, her arms start twisting and turning into a strange, almost non-human way, as if they were being pulled around by invisible forces beyond the reach of the human mind.

She seems to be talking to someone or something, but there’s no person or thing to be seen near her. She moves away and the elevator shuts its doors and appears to start working again, like nothing had ever happened to it. 

See this video:

Immediately after the events shown in the video occurred, Elisa gained access to the rooftop of the hotel, made her way to the water tank and ended up drowning in it, in some way or another. Her body was found two weeks after this strange death, when customers started complaining about the bad taste of the water. 

Most of those who saw the footage said that Elisa Lam was under the influence of drugs, but, as said before, no evidence of such claims was found as a result of her autopsy, and the girl had no history with drug consumption, so narcotics are out of question.

The circumstances of this unfortunate event become even more shrouded in complete and total mystery with the dark and turbulent history of this place in mind. 

Built in the Jazz Age, the 1920s, this hotel was meant to cater to businessmen who were looking for a place to spend the night. Located near the Skid Row area, it was quickly overshadowed by hotels with a more glamorous appearance.

So it started renting rooms at a cheaper price on a long-term basis, and eventually became a favourite of serial killers and a breeding ground for a few murders and suicides of a gruesome nature. 

Richard Ramirez, known as “the Nightstalker” was living in a top room at this hotel in 1985 and managed to remain unobserved as he stalked and murdered 13 women. Jack Unterweger is blamed for having murdered 3 prostitutes during his stay at this hotel. 

The story of Elisa Lam has creepy similarities to that depicted in the movie called “Dark Waters”, out in 2005. In this movie, Dahlia, the main protagonist, moves with her daughter Cecilia into a hotel, only to discover that the water in the hotel is black, due to a gruesome incident having taken place there, involving a girl drowning in the water tank.

So is this one of those murders that are synchronistically portrayed in a Hollywood movie?

Another unnerving coincidence is the fact that after the discovery of Lam’s body, a deadly outbreak of tuberculosis occurred near the hotel, and the name of the test kit used in situations like this is LAM-ELISA. 

In June 2013, the death of this girl was officially ruled as accidental and the authorities said she was likely bipolar. With that being said, there are still a lot of questions about the circumstances of her death. 

The area she reached is reportedly difficult to reach, so how could a girl with a messed-up mind had reached it, especially since it is protected by an alarm system? Also, how could she have lifted the lid of the water tank on her own?

As is typical in the case of strange deaths, the authorities were very secretive, so there are still many pieces of the puzzle missing. Was there a cult/ritualistic aspect involved in this case? What really happened? Why was she acting so strangely in the elevator? Why does this hotel seem to be a breeding ground for such strange things? Is something supernatural involved?

These are just a few questions in an eerie case that seems more like something out of a Hitchcock movie or a Stephen King novel than real life.

This story is unnerving not only due to all the missing pieces, but also to the fact that a human being has lost her life and this happened in circumstances that cannot seem to be explained by logic. This is truly something that makes us have to wonder what we know about death and what kind of world we actually live in.

A world filled with unpredictable events and mysterious happenings that often fog our minds and haunt our souls, daring us to try to explain them as best as we can. Perhaps it is time to give some thought to the fact that we perceive monsters as things to be contained within the realm of popular fiction and Hollywood horror flicks.

Perhaps we should be more aware of the dangers lurking unseen, unheard, unobserved in our world, and keep our eyes open to any thing that goes bump in the night. Perhaps there is more to this world than our five senses can perceive and explain. So, will this gruesome, strange and unnerving mystery ever be solved? The answer is simple and clear: perhaps!


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