Lost in the Mist

When I was 22, my brother and I went on a road trip to a friend's house in North Carolina. Along the way we stopped at a half dozen or so different "haunts" as we drove there. We didn't see anything and beyond trying to spook one another, the whole thing seemed like a bust.

One night we decided to camp out at a neary campground before we hit the road again. This place was supposed to be pretty populated, but for whatever reason when we got there, it was empty. 

Anyway, we decided to camp there for the night. Surprisingly, nothing really creepy happened there, aside from us hearing some rustling in the night. We assumed it was animals or distant campers.

The next morning though, it was overcast and foggy. Before long this huge mist rolled up. We were eager to get back on the road as we were just outside of NC and wanted to try and make good time. So we got back in the van and headed out.

But this fog and mist just seemed to get more dense. Then we drove past some guy on the side of the road. My brother was like, "We should pick him up." I decided not to do that. Yet, a little while later we thought we saw him again.

As it turns out, we spent about an hour looping around the same road. We saw this guy three or for times in the fog. Finally as the mist started to let up, we realized that we had been driving in circles. We never saw any other cars.

I told my brother, "If we see that guy again, I'm stopping." But he was gone. As soon as the mist let up, we decided to loop around one more time because we were certain something was up. He wasn't there.

He had been there each time. A hazy, dark figure in the thick fog and mist. But he was gone. No other cars. Nowhere for him to go. We just had an eerie feeling for the rest of the day. We got the heck out of there as fast as we could. 

It was crazy. It was like we were trapped or something. The fog was thick, but we saw the signs. We were certain we weren't looping around. But we had been and every time, he was there. It gives me chills just thinking about it now.

We've often thought of going back there again to see if something happened... But we haven't dared.

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