The fees to keep online average out to $175 per month. These fees include security monitoring, analytics, web hosting, content creation/design, E-mail marketing and the use of social media tools. All in which allow ghostsstory to function and bring you the content many of you enjoy!

The fees are deducted directly from my pocket each month. I had created ghostsstory with the vision of providing help to the thousands of individuals suffering from negitive paranormal happenings.

I feel I have exceeded this goal greatly. As the site grows and word spreads, fees for these services increase to accommodate the growth trend of the site. Even if you can only spare $5, that'd greatly help in the long run!

Thank you so much for helping me to create my dream of helping thousands of individuals from all over the world with their hauntings and for providing a platform for all of you to share your experiences to!

Contributing any amount to will give you access to view and download our Favorite Ghost Stories from Volumes 1 and 2. The link to do so will be sent in a confirmation E-mail from us!

Sean Foster - Administrator.