I think I have a Succubus Lover

I was feeling a tingling sensation just a couple minutes ago, it felt like the sensation was moving up to my...private area. I told who ever this succubus, incubus, demon, demoness, etc. was...not to touch me in my private area and I felt another sensation in my...nipples.

I told it it could touch my feet, sides, shoulders, arms, legs, cheek, neck and etc. Each time I said the name of the part of the body it touched it.

I think it might be a kind succubus. I wrote this right after it touched all of my non intimate body parts. If it was a succubus I think it wouldn't touch my rear area.

And she did it right before this tingling sensation. I felt warmth on my arms like a freshly heat dried shirt but it was on my arms I still have yet to learn his or her name. But this was an experience I have never felt before and wanted to share. if I get whom ever is visiting me their name I will share that too.

Story credit: James W. MS.

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Mississippi, USA
York County Hanover Pennsylvania Home Haunted
The Old Family Home