The Old Family Home

The Old Family Home

I had an experience yesterday and I thought I would share it. It may be of some interest to someone. I'm going to put the things that I didn't hear, but were relayed by a medium in asteriks to keep the facts seperate from things that are up for speculation.

A friend of mine (let's call her Bella) recently bought an old house where I live (way out in the country). The house was built in 1830 and was last lived in in the 1960's.

There has never been any electricity in the house and the plumbing was ran in the 1940's, so it's very primitive. Much of the house is in it's original condition and there are several things that have been left in there by previous owners, including rugs and other decor, old appliances, and a record player with some records.

There is even an old kettle left hanging in the kitchen fireplace. The only rennovation done to the house is a few of the fireplaces had been boarded up. I should also mention the house came with extensive grounds, including an old cemetary.

The cemetary appears to contain members of the same family along with two small, unmarked graves.

Bella and her husband spent this past weekend tending to the grounds, weeding the cemetary and mowing the grass. They also boarded up the windows in one of the rooms on the first floor because they had recently been busted out. Before yesterday she had not told anyone of the work they had done over the weekend.

Yesterday she invited a group of people over to the house for a walk through with a medium. The medium (let's call her Hope) had no prior knowledge of the house and none of us had ever met her before yesterday.

The first thing she said when she met Bella was "He doesn't like what you did to the windows." Bella was confused at first and asked her to elaborate.

Hope said she didn't have any more information, just that "He" didn't like what she had done to the windows. Again, no one knew that Bella had boarded up those windows except for herself and her husband. When she told Hope that she had, Hope just smiled and nodded.

When you walk into the house and get past the foyer, there is a room to the right, a room to the left, and a staircase. Hope said *there was a young girl standing on the stair case wearing a purple dress.

She said the girl seemed pleasant and Hope asked for her name and why she was on the stair case.

The girl said her name was Sara and she was on the stairs because she liked standing on the stairs.* Hope said she didn't want to speak anymore. At that time, Hope also said there was an older lady in white present. Hope asked her name as well but the lady didn't want to speak at that time.

We started to go into the room to the right, but Hope stopped us and said we should go left first. She didn't give an explanation, but turned and went to the left so we all followed.

There was an old chandelier looking thing hanging from the ceiling in this room and Hope said it had been a formal dining room. She said the lady in white had followed us into this room but there seemed to be no other activity in here. Then she took us through a doorway that led from the dining room to the kitchen.

It was pretty apparent we were standing in a kitchen, as there was a large fireplace with a kettle still hanging in it. There were also several old appliances in there. *There was an older man named Henry standing in the corner in this room.* Hope opened what she thought was a closet, but abruptly closed it again.

*Apparently, Henry had told her to keep the door closed or the children would get out.* We all looked around for a moment and were ready to move on to the next room. Hope said she couldn't move on because the lady in white had asked her to find something in the closet.

She said she wanted to find what the lady was looking for. *She was told that on the wall there were marks that the children left.*

We all began looking around the kitchen for marks while Hope and Bella stepped into the closet. They left the door open and *Henry became agitated*.

I should also note here that there were some knocking sounds on the opposite wall from where we were standing, but it could have been birds or mice.

Finally we heard Bella say "Oh, right there!" Sure enough, there were three scratch marks running up the wall just inside the door of the closet. I saw them with my own eyes and can testify that they were old, not fresh.

From there we, (all very shaken up at this point), moved back into the dining room and to the original room on the right. *Sara, the girl on the stairs, had been joined by a man named Sam.* Hope stopped to speak to them once again, but besides the gentleman giving his name, they had no more to say.

We moved on to the room on the right, a room that Hope said she believed would have been a formal parlour or sitting room. She immediately said she believed there had been services held in this room of some sort and wondered out loud if funerals hadn't been held in this room, as was customary in the era that this house was built in.

She also said people danced in this room. The lady in white still followed us. We walked around the room for a few minutes, but the room seemed to be more or less void of activity. That is, until we went to walk out. Hope said *the lady in white touched her arm and asked if she would find her favorite record.*

Hope said at this point the woman referred to herself as Mimi. So we all grabbed a stack of records and began digging through. *Apparently Mimi decided now was as good a time as any to talk because Hope said the fireplaces in the upstairs part of the house had to be boarded up because there was a problem with the birds coming in.

She also said Mimi kept humming a tune and asked several more times if she would please find her record. She said that Mimi was very kind and polite.* Finally one of the girls ran across a record that had a hand written piece of paper inside the sleeve.

The paper had a name written on it and some Bible passages, along with the word "Tabernacle".

Hope said that was what they had been looking for and that Mimi was satisfied so we could move on. Oddly enough, I didn't even look to see what record it was and didn't think to ask.

We left that room and started up the stairs. Hope went first and asked Sara and Sam to excuse us on the way by. When we got to the top of the stairs, Hope stopped and lightly begain pulling her shirt away from her neck and coughing.

*She said someone named Robert had been hung from the top of the stairs she thought because she felt a rope or something around her neck.

She wasn't sure if it was murder or suicide.* Also, she pointed to a rug on the floor and said *she wouldn't be surprised if we found blood stains under the rug*.

At this point Bella pointed out that it was turning into late afternoon and we wouldn't have much natural light left. (Personally, I think she was getting queasy with all the inhabitants of the house she had purchased, but anywho...)

There were four bedrooms upstairs, but Hope said there was a hidden room up there somewhere. *She said she could feel children playing in the hidden room, a boy and a girl. She said the girl was pulling a little duck on a string.

She said there was also an attic above us that no one knew about and there were some of these people's belongings in the attic.* As we moved through the rooms, Bella pointed out that all the fireplaces had been boarded up.

As we moved along upstairs, Hope became agitated. When we came to the last room, she noted out loud that the windows had all been boarded up in there and it was very dark.

She stepped inside then turned back around and said she didn't want anyone going in there. She said she would go in there alone if Bella wanted her to but she wouldn't allow us to go with her.

She wouldn't elaborate but her face was pale and she appeared to be very shaken up. Bella decided she had had enough of the house at this point, and because this was the last room, we should just go outside instead.

So we went outside. Hope pointed to the cellar and asked if Bella had been down there. Bella said she had not and Hope said she thought they would find something buried down there.

She said it wasn't a body but there was definitely something of importance buried in there. She also pointed to a flower bed and said she thought someone had been buried there as well.

We walked around the grounds for a bit and there didn't seem to be much activity. Then we went into the cemetary. 

This is where it gets interesting. At this point we had had a few bone chilling moments, but all of them could have been explained as cooincedence. But when we got to the cemetary I truly became a believer in what Hope was doing.

She found the two unmarked graves first. She pointed to them and said they were the children from the hidden room that had also been locked in the kitchen closet. She pointed to one stone and said, "There.

That's the boy that made the scratches in the kitchen." Then we walked around and as I read the names on the stones I thought I would legitimately be sick for a moment. "Robert" and "Henry" were both there.

Then there was "Samuel" and right next to his, "Sara and Child". I kid you not, I am not making this up. I wanted to run out of there. We also found a stone with "MaryAnn" on it that Hope said could have possibly been Mimi but she wasn't sure.

She thought Mimi was from a later time period than these people.

We gathered in front of the house after that and Hope said she would like to come back soon and investigate the room upstairs more. She said she was exhausted and honestly, she looked worn out.

She told Bella she could try to ask the spirits to leave if she wanted her to, but that she thought it would be cruel as this was obviously their home and had been for a very long time. Bella said she would think about it.

She was in tears at this point. I can't blame her, I have to admit I cried all the way home, though I'm not sure why. I feel like a lot of tragedy befell that family, but in that time perioud, tragedy wasn't a foreign concept.

I would like to know more, to see about the hidden room in the attic and to look under the rug for blood, but I don't know if Bella will ever go back into that house. I just know that I went in there completely skeptical of this medium chick and walked away a full on believer.

Submitted by: Leslie E.


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